Barnston Capital puts in relation people who have complementary needs

Boutique Consulting

Sales & Marketing

Asset Raising and Real Estate 


Engage, Expand and Grow

your asset management and real estate

business with Barnston Capital unique Sales and Marketing consulting services

Barnston Capital was founded thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the asset management, financial service industries and real estate

Sales and Marketing consulting services for asset raising and real estate in UK and other European countries



Engaging, Expanding and Growing together with our Clients

Barnston Capital is an introducer, meaning that we provide our clients unique Sales and Marketing Consulting Services strategies in order to enter and distribute successfully into new markets

Barnston Capital specialises in Sales and Marketing Consulting Services for asset raising and Real Estate


We drive our Clients to achieve important results, with unique Sales and Marketing experts and techniques, developed with more than 20 years of experience in the asset management, financial service and real estate

Our extensive experience combined with our strong knowledge and client relationship

with the UK and other European countries, ensure we can provide

an added value Sales and Marketing consulting services for asset raising and real estate

Barnston Capital have deepen relationships with the UK and other European markets, knowing the decision making process and consequently the client needs

Local consulting approach, assisting directly clients for local needs and development

Specialised Sales and Marketing consulting team to pursue unique

sales and marketing strategies



Barnston Capital provides a high-level of Sales and Marketing Consulting Services

Being in the UK and covering all European markets,

We anticipate and perceive all the trends, directions and most advanced

sales and marketing strategies for the Asset Management,

Investment Management, Wealth management and Real Estate



We tailored our Sales and Marketing Consulting Services solutions

and offers according with our Clients’ needs



We specialised in the Sales and Marketing Consulting Services for all the

Asset Management, Investment Management and Wealth management areas,

such as Fixed Income Funds, Equity Funds, Liquidity Funds, Fund of Funds, Lending Funds,

Multi Assets Funds, ETF, Hedge Funds, Segregate Investment Accounts,

Private Equity Funds, Art Investments, Insurance investments products and Real Estate


Our Sales and Marketing Consulting Services covered

all the Asset Management, Investment Management and Wealth management

targets, Retail, Private, Institutional Financial Advisers and Family Offices


Strong Relationship, Local Approach and Market Knowledge

With more than 20 years of experience we have developed a Strong Relationship with all our UK and other European clients, helping us to build trust and loyalty


 By covering and specialising in the UK and other European  markets, with a Local Approach understanding, in a unique way client needs, and provide them with important solutions

A great potential market to expand your business, means that with our Market Knowledge

providing a great opportunity in Asset Raising consulting services with a unique Sales and Marketing experts and techniques



Driving you through Sales & Marketing challenges


With a strong and in depth understanding of all Sales & Marketing processes in the asset management industry, we drive our clients successfully by providing consulting  services

to reach agreed objectives and results


We have a dedicated consulting Sales & Marketing team to make you grow

in the UK and other European markets


Our Sales and Marketing processes are unique to help our clients to grow


Our Sales & Marketing team assesses the UK and other European markets opportunities

and implements a bespoke development strategy in order to achieve our Clients results


We optimize and accelerate the Sales & Marketing processes of the UK and other European markets, speeding up the market development through our unique Sales & Marketing consulting services

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